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Civil, Penal and Litigation Law Department

Lawyers of the Department are eager to resolve matters originating from business activity as well as these having its source in family life, employment relationships or other range of activity.

We guarantee full proficiency and privacy – either in penal or civil issues; with regard to the latter - also those connected with family law.


1. Penal Law

Our Law Office is ready to represent our Clients in penal proceedings – both at its pre-trial (prosecution) stage and in its judicial phase, ensuring scrupulous and reliable defense starting from initiation of proceedings up to their final termination. We successfully act for and behalf of our Clients in heterogeneous types of procedures: penal fiscal proceedings, enforcement activities, petty offence cases, disciplinary and administrative tort procedure.

We have long-standing experience in representing aggrieved parties thus taking appropriate care of their legitimate interests and defensing their justified rights. Our scope of activity includes services connected with assessment of risks accompanying the process of conducting business activity as well as evaluating the adequacy of actions undertaken by public authorities and preparing legal opinions on the abovementioned matters.

2. Civil and Family Law

We successfully represent our Clients in multifaceted suits for payment, frequently connected with pursuing claims for damages and compensation in significant values. Notwithstanding, we give the same amount of scrupulous attention to minor claims.

We have long-term experience in pursuing actions for a declaratory judgement, especially those regarding the invalidity or nullity of legal actions, in particular transactions concerning real estates. We devote ourselves to eliminate negative consequences of disposition of assets – undertaken both to the detriment of business partners and to family members. We devote to assist in complexity of family matters, ensuring the highest standards of legal services and proper consultancy. We attempt to establish an unique partnership with our Clients, involving instant contact with the other party and their awareness of actions – these already undertaken by the mandatory and those planned to be performed so as to reach a successful outcome.

Our scope of activity in the field of family law includes, inter alia, matters related to division of property, divorce proceedings and inheritance cases. We are ready to provide our Clients with on-the-spot legal advice, as well as to draw up written legal opinions and prepare all documents indispensable for a proper functioning in business trading, i.e. power of attorneys, contracts etc.

3. Litigation

We provide successful and effective representation at all stages of court procedure – starting from pre-litigation negotiations, through further judicial proceedings, up to the phase in front of the Supreme Court. We are thoroughly experienced in proceedings pending before the courts of first and second instance as well as arbitration tribunals and administrative courts. We are guided by the idea of relations based on mutual trust. Our approach is simple – we aim at remaining in permanent contact with our Clients and keeping them informed about all the crucial issues connected with the case so as to gain their full trust.

In case we have to face with extraordinary and interdisciplinary problems – especially those originating from business activity – as we are not limited to our human resources, we are determined to involve other experts in and fully devote to the case in order to examine it thoroughly and achieve a successful output we can be proud of.
Our department is willing to represent individuals – both conducting and not conducting business activity – including managers, shareholders, partners, trustees and liquidators as well as tenant management organisations and commercial companies.

4. Legal Assistance for Family Companies, Independent Entrepreneurs and Commercial Partnerships

Our long-term priceless experience, gained while legal advising in the field of business activity as well as in family issues, enables us to provide you with the competent support and legal consultancy in all scopes of business and professional activity. The abovementioned assistance manifests itself not only in legal relationships with contractors and public authorities, but also in internal relations between employees and employers basing on complicated labour law provisions.

Our field of specialty encompasses not only acting on behalf of our Clients, drawing up contracts and documents connected with employment, but also preparing written legal opinions.

5. Extraordinary Cases

We are not afraid of facing extraordinary and multifaceted legal problems, requiring interdisciplinary knowledge and full commitment, where various bodies of law meet – inter alia administrative and penal law or legal protection of personal rights and penal law. Impenetrable issues constitute or challenge.

We manage to overcome contemporary thinking of legal consultancy – we aim at offering the highest level of devotion and creativity, not forgetting about the goals we have mutually indicated.


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