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Local Government and Administrative Law Department

Public sector, conducting activity ensuring proper functioning of public and local institutions, deserves to be provided with legal services at the highest possible level. We are convinced, that the experts of Local Government and Administrative Law Department constitute the highest quality of legal assistance and successfully introduce these standards into public and local authorities SDO has had a chance to support.

The complexity of legal matters, combining administrative and civil law provisions, supported by issues regarding investments undertaken by public authorities and local governments as well as those concerning administrative procedures in front of territorial self-government bodies serve us a springboard for constant intellectual challenges and encourage to broaden our knowledge.
As we perfectly examined the rules governing administrative procedures, we are ready to represent our Clients in front of local government bodies as well as in administrative courts.

Local governments are entities we perceive not only as a democratic embodiment of local community, but also as a significant business partner operating on a local market. That is why we are willing to support our territorial self-government Clients in every field of their activity, also in its economic and commercial aspects.


1. Legal Consultancy for Local Governments

The scope of legal services provided for local governments is enormously wide; lawyers not having contact with this sector on a daily basis have unavoidable difficulties in combining matters rooting from administrative procedure, environment protection and municipal investments – including those connected with road construction, water supply, municipal economy, social care, labour law and other law areas.
Experts of Local Government and Administrative Law Department has gained a thorough insight into specificity of functioning of local governments – they have provided assistance and support for municipalities, districts, provinces and unions of communities, public budget entities, self-government cultural institution as well as municipality companies.

We attempt to follow and introduce best practice of modern companies into contemporary local communities – so as to improve functioning of public and local entities. Our attitude towards authorities gives us a chance to support local communities not only in the field of execution of public tasks, but also in transactions made with entities involved in business activity. We aim at performing our duties at the highest possible level of quality and helping with choosing and working out the optimal solution for anticipated investments. We combine business with specificity of public finances and provide economic assistance either to local communities or municipal companies.

2. Public Investments

Both local and public authorities are originators of local and regional investments – especially those infrastructure ones. Thanks to our precious experience and nurturing highest standards of assistance, we are currently able to provide legal services to biggest investments in that field – these undertaken in our district (waste disposal and thermal neutralisation installation for Szczecin – the value of the investment reaching 700 mln zlotys), as well as those in other districts (construction of convention centre in Toruń – estimated value of the investment reaching over 300 mln zlotys).

SDO successfully combines cooperation of local communities with commercial companies, thus – as a consequence – execution of investment tasks appears to be much more simpler. We are proud of our participation in construction of new water intakes on Wolin Island, as we have been able to prepare an innovative cooperation programme of consortium partners which constitutes a basis and a starting point for a 75 mln zlotys investment.

Our instant development enables us to render services to the biggest investment projects of this kind – basing on EU funds and those provided by private investors or public-private partnership capital.

3. Property Management

Real estates invariably remain the most valuable assets of individuals, commercial companies and public entities. The specificity of property management – especially in form of lease and sale – requires no only scrupulous decision-making process, engaging attention that needs to be fully devoted, but also demands reliable legal consultancy. SDO experts have had a chance to participate in numerous amount of transactions concerning purchase and sale of premises, as well as supported our Clients in procedures connected with division and integration of real estates. Our priceless experience includes performing special audits, involving thorough examination of legal status of a real estate and its fitness for anticipated investment purposes. Our team is capable of undertaking the most difficult and ambitious tasks in the field.

Our long-term activity gave us a chance to construct a special form of cooperation between local government and business entities – where public authorities become partners in special purpose vehicles (SPV) without incurring any additional expenses.

4. Administrative Law and Proceedings

We live in a legal state. Unfortunately, it frequently means functioning in a state sated with provisions. We attempt to simplify legal regulations and support our Clients in front of both territorial self-government bodies and administrative courts. Our precious knowledge supported by confidence and scrupulous attention devoted to performance of our duties enable us to make an objective assessment of legal and factual situation. Acting as plenipotentiaries, we are able either to claim and obtain administrative decisions in favour of individuals and to represent public authorities. Our competitive advantage is long-term experience in advising local governments, which makes us capable of assessing and evaluating all the issues by putting them into "behind the scenes" perspective. We have successfully proceeded in front of the Supreme Administrative Court as well as accomplished a numerous amount of disputes with government administration authorities.


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