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Permanent legal services

Our experiences make us believe, that permanent provision of legal services and consultancy is the most effective form of cooperation with our Clients.

Assistance ensured for a fixed price, including provision of services to the full extent, involve our dedication to entrusted duties and full care about the issues resulting from all fields of our Client's activity – arising at any time. We adjust to our Client's needs – we make it possible to focus on particular legal matters - especially those laying in our specialization fields, thus enabling us to offer and share our priceless professional knowledge.

We are convinced, that the form of permanent cooperation makes it possible to establish a unique, intensive relationship with Clients – enabling us not only to acquaint ourselves with its special needs of other party and shortly predicting ones, but also enrich our knowledge accurately to specific equirements of the company.

Stand-by services

We are fully aware of the fact, that distinctive profiles of our Clients imply differences between their requirements in reliance with legal assistance and not everyone necessarily feels a need for a permanent provision of legal services. We do respect our Clients' requirements and even wish other entrepreneurs feeling that kind of comfort.

Long-term experience in legal consultancy has let out work out a stand-by services form of cooperation, that includes our experts' readiness to respond to the Client's enquiry on a certain legal problem. Any payments are made conditional upon a time basis. We are certain, that individual attitude towards our Client's needs, scrupulous attention devoted to the performance of our duties, as well as clearly and precisely obeyed terms of remuneration make this form even more attractive.

Legal Consultancy for Project

Individual attitude towards cooperation, supported by effective and direct relations with our Clients, has enabled us to work out a form of legal consultancy in relation to a certain projects, that has been designed so as to provide adequate support for a particular venture.
Since we provide support and consequently take part in heterogeneous projects, our attention focuses on one simple aim – active and constructive cooperation, going far beyond the framework of standard legal consultation.

Our priceless experience involve both creating and coordinating groups of specialists from our human resources and cooperating with certified experts. We also stay in contact with foreign law firms so as to consult the case if such a necessity occurs. In order to meet our Client's expectation, each cooperation agreement is negotiated individually and substantial part of a final remuneration is success fee.

Individual case

SDO – after preliminary analysis and assessment of the case, carried out with due diligence and insight, is ready to accept the request for examining and conducting individual case, involving litigation or administrative proceedings in relation to matters fitting any specialization field of SDO.


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