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Legal Advice on Public Investments

Local Government and Administrative Law Department

We aim at being an Office, which constitutes a link between local government and business. We ensure comprehensive legal services to investment projects – basing on EU funds, as well as those provided by private investors or public-private partnership capital. We successfully support our Clients in working out a new manner of cooperation between private and public sector, ensuring necessary assistance even for the most demanding entities.

Legal Consultancy for Local Governments

Local Government and Administrative Law Department

We have long-term experience in successful provision of legal services to local governments. The specificity of contemporary regional self-governing authorities constitutes an extraordinary challenge for our specialists – the abovementioned entities are not only managers of local community, but also esteemed business partners operating on investment market. These circumstances serve as a springboard for a deeper reflection and searching for optimum solutions required by the individual specificity of all the issues that might possibly be involved.

Comprehensive and pro-business assistance for local government includes multifaceted support in the field of constitutional law, public procurements, real estate management, environment protection, spatial planning and public finances. We ensure assistance in creating local laws – we believe, that good legislation we draw up may be the showpiece of our thorough knowledge and abilities.

Private lawyer

Civil, Penal and Litigation Law Department

Our Firm provides high quality services connected with multifaceted legal assistance for entrepreneurs and managers, especially in the field of family regulations, financial proceedings, litigations, penal issues, as well as in other crucial areas of law. Details on the specialization may be found in Civil, Penal and Litigation Law Department Tab.


Civil, Penal and Litigation Law Department

We act for and on a behalf of our Clients and undertake successful actions in legal proceedings aiming at enforcing our Client’s claims - especially in civil, penal, family and commercial divisions of general jurisdiction courts. As to civil and commercial issues, we are ready to provide the highest level services connected with a proper and successful representation at all stages of court proceedings – from pre-litigation negotiations up to enforcement stage; as to the penal procedure – including pre-trial and prosecution phase.

Details on the specialization may be found in Civil, Penal and Litigation Law Department Tab.

Corporate restructuring (bankruptcy, composition agreement, recovery and liquidation proceedings)

Commercial Law and Public Procurement Department

We are fully aware of the fact, that operation of every company may encounter factual obstacles leading to an interruption in its proper uninterrupted functioning. We do believe, that comprehensive legal assistance provided by our professionals may become a key to success in overcoming the abovementioned difficulties and can ensure getting through this unfavourable conditions safely, harmlessly and in controlled fashion.

Our belief, supported by our day-to-day activities and precious long-standing experience, is that corporate restructuring constitutes not only its recovery, but also indispensably implies its involuntary development. Legal advisors and attorneys of SDO have had a chance to take part in restructuring procedures in relation to the biggest companies operating on regional market. SDO team consists of highly motivated and professionally skilled lawyers – having long-term experience in bankruptcy, composition and recovery proceedings. Our pride is that SDO is the only Law Office in the district to have such a numerous group of lawyers with trustee's license, issued by the Minister of Justice.


SDO and Partners, Professional Partnership of Legal Advisors and Attorneys At Law

Address: Narutowicza 12
70-240 Szczecin
Phone number: +48 91 421 09 40

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